Our experienced solicitors have unparalleled experience acting in negligence claims for victims of all ages and conditions. We offer the highest standards of negligence advice and will work with you closely, considerately and collaboratively.

We Provide Negligence Services in the
Following Areas

Medical negligence claims: If you have been injured by a medical professional of any kind, we can help you recover.

Cosmetic surgery gone wrong: If a surgeon has injured you due to his or her negligence, you are entitled to compensation.

Dental negligence: If a dentist has incorrectly performed a procedure on you, we will investigate to determine whether or not you can recover from them.

Solicitors and Barristers negligence: We pursue compensation for you after a solicitor has caused you harm by negligently damaging your legal matter.

Accountants, Financial Advisers and Insurance Brokers negligence:

Architects and Surveyors: If a real estate matter has gone downhill because of a negligent architect or surveyor, we can help.

Clinical/Medical Negligence
Professional Negligence