Our Employment Team offer practical, thoughtful and well-judged advice and service to both employers and employees. We offer competitive rates for private fee paying clients and are willing to consider funding on Damages Based Agreements, if appropriate.

Our Expertise

We cover all aspects of Employment Law matters to include:

Settlement Agreements

Unfair Dismissals




Unlawful Deduction of Wages

Wrongful Dismissal and Breach of Contract claims

We can also act for Employers in defending any claims which have been made against them and can assist in drafting of employment contracts, procedures and policies and handbooks.

If you have recently been involved in a dispute with your employer, or you are being made redundant, then you may be invited to an ‘off the record’ discussion with your employers at which they may put forward a ‘settlement or a compromise agreement’ to you. If this is offered, you might be asked to sign a settlement agreement in exchange for a payment or other benefits. We can represent you in negotiations with your employer about the terms of the settlement agreement and can also advise you on the specific terms of the settlement agreement ensuring that you understand the terms and what you are signing.

We are able to offer quick appointments to advise you in relation to the same.

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Funding your Employment Law case

Here at RF&C, we believe in justice for all. We will provide you with a free initial consultation (either by telephone or face to face). You have the following three options to fund your Employment Law case with us:

1. Private paying: 

Our firm offers for your case to be funded on a private fee paying basis as you may want to see how things go before fully committing to an Employment Tribunal case. If it is agreed for your work to be carried out on a private fee paying basis, our usual hourly rate will apply. This ranges from £225 plus VAT up to £300 plus VAT depending on the experience of the person dealing with your matter. You can rest assured that we keep accurate records of the time worked on your matter.

2. No Win No Fee: 

In Employment Law cases, each party has to bear their own costs. Having assessed your case and only if we feel that your case has reasonable prospects of success, we may agree to deal with your matter on a Contingency Fee Agreement (No Win No Fee Agreement). This means that if we successfully negotiate a settlement for you or win your case at Tribunal, we take up to 35% of the compensation with a minimum of £750 plus VAT. This would be for our legal fees and would be payable at the end of the case when the settlement monies have been received. If you do not win, then you do not pay our legal fees except disbursements. Disbursements are any expenses/costs that need to be paid such as Counsel’s fees, Court fees or Medical Report fees. The 35% does not include payment for disbursements but includes VAT. With this method of funding in place, we have an ongoing duty to assess the merits of your case. If, during the course of the case, we feel that your prospects of success have dropped below 50%, we have a right to withdraw from the Contingency Fee Agreement.

3. Agreed/Fixed fee:

This will be an agreed (fixed) fee which will not be varied upwards or downwards – whatever the outcome of the case and is therefore fixed in nature. You will have the option to fund your case on a stage by stage basis as follows:    

  • Stage 1 – We will review your papers and enter into negotiation with Employer/Employee– fees will range between £500-£800 plus VAT. This will depend on the level of paperwork which needs to be reviewed.
  • Stage 2 – If we decide that there are prospects, we will enter into negotiations with ACAS to include drafting a Schedule of Financial Losses, preparing the ACAS Application, Negotiation and COT3 drafting if settlement is reached – £1500 plus VAT.
  • Stage 3 – If proceedings need to be issued, drafting and preparing the ET1 Claim Form, negotiations and paperwork, drafting of the Remedy Statement, drafting and preparing witness statements, Tribunal hearing– £2500 plus VAT to £4000 plus VAT.

Please note that if a Preliminary Hearing is required, extra fees may apply of up to £600 plus VAT. Barristers fees will be payable on top of this to represent you at the hearing.

It will be necessary to instruct a barrister for the hearing who can charge on average £2,500 plus VAT for a 1 day hearing in tribunal (including all preparation).

No win No fee

I must thank you specially for your diligent effort and the robust preparation. I have always had great trust in your ability. Kind Regards