You can trust us to advise on all aspects of UK Immigration law with care and the knowledge that our experts have extensive experience with an array of Immigration matters. When it comes to selecting the right Immigration solicitor for you, you can’t take risks.

Immigration legislation, its rules and policies, are vastly complex and are regularly reviewed by the Home Office; it is advisable, therefore, that you secure professional guidance when formally looking to process an immigration application.

Our immigration Solicitors extensive legal knowledge and experience in preparing and submitting applications and dealing with appeals often results in our clients achieving successful outcomes that may otherwise be denied.

Why Choose Us

We Create Solutions

Our Immigration solicitors act quickly and by thinking "outside the box" ensuring our clients needs are met. For those refused entries at a port we will contact Border Force by telephone.

Professional and Compassionate

Our Immigration Solicitors understand that the person detained/refused entry (and the family/friends) are very anxious and need a quick service.

24/7 Emergency Legal Services

Our services are efficient and practical. The first meeting is held by way of a WhatsApp video call/MS Teams call to accommodate the urgency and time of the day.

Our Services

Prevention of removal and deportation

Release from detention

Bail applications

Appeals: Tribunals & Court of Appeal

Judicial reviews


Applications made from within the UK: Immigration Rules, EU Regulations and Human Rights

Nationality matters: Application for Naturalisation, Registration as a British Citizen, British Passports, Right of Abode, Resumption of Nationality and Ancestry Visa

Leave to remain

Claims against the Secretary of State

Get In Touch Today

Emergency & Non-Emergency Services

Our emergency services pertain to those clients who:

  • Are about to be removed from the United Kingdom/deported
  • Have been refused entry at the borders
  • Have been put into detention.

No situation is too late for us to deal with. We have successfully assisted clients who were just an hour from removal from the United Kingdom. Please don’t hesitate to call us on our emergency phone number: 0786 894 2191.

Our non-emergency services include:

  • Preparing and submitting basic applications.
  • Preparing and submitting appeal applications after a visa refusal.
  • Securing the right of appeal.
  • Preparing applications for judicial review.
  • Preparing and issuing applications for appealing to the Court of Appeal.
  • Release from Detention.

Fees for Immigration

Consultation (up to an hour)
£150 plus VAT
£1500 plus VAT
Registration as a British National (child)
£1000 plus VAT
Indefinite Leave to Remain (10-year lawful residence)
£1500 plus VAT
Indefinite Leave to Remain (20-year unlawful residence)
£2000 - £3000 plus VAT
Entry Clearance
£1,500 - £2000 (VAT n/a)
Further Leave to Remain
£1,500 - £2000 (VAT n/a)
£500 plus VAT (Legal Visit), hourly rate thereafter
Judicial Review:
£3000 - £5000 plus VAT estimated
- Letter before Action
£500 - £1000 plus VAT
- Grounds for Judicial Review
£1500 - £2000 plus VAT
- Preparation of Statement of Facts/Statement of Evidence/Claim Form
£1000 - £2000 plus VAT
- Court Fee
Court Proceedings:
- If Permission is refused
£1000 plus VAT plus £385 Court Fee
- If permission is granted
£1000 plus VAT plus £770 Court Fee
- Barristers Fee (if matter progresses to a hearing)
£700 - £1500 plus VAT
- Application to appeal before the tribunal (to include Grounds of Appeal)
£750 plus VAT
- Court Fees
£140 per appellant
- Preparation of Statement of Evidence
£250 - £350 plus VAT
- Court Bundles
£750 - £1000 plus VAT
- Court Proceedings
£1000 - £1500 plus VAT
Hourly rate (£225 plus VAT per hour)

*Please note that all above costs are only guidelines and they may vary considerably depending on the facts of any particular case.

No win No fee

I would like to thank you on behalf of my family for dealing with my mothers estate in such a sensitive professional, friendly and sympathetic manner, its been a very difficult time for our family and we were very impressed by your sensitivity with our situation.

Mrs Winter