Most people associate leasehold to flats but there are over 750,000 leasehold houses i.e. single dwellings.

Most of these leasehold houses are in the West Midlands and the North of England although there are some in the Cardiff area and the Medway Towns whilst others are dotted around the country.

Most owners of leasehold houses are able to purchase the freehold of their property under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967, whence the property will become freehold thus increasing the value of their homes. Purchasing the freehold of a leasehold house is called enfranchisement.

How We Can Help?

We at RF&C have extensive experience in the freehold purchase and sale of such freeholds with a nationwide client base. We have been involved in the purchase of freeholds of whole streets of leasehold houses, such is our first class reputation. We act for both leaseholders and freeholders.

Why not call the head of our enfranchisement department, Robert Wood, for a free telephone consultation. It does not matter where the property is situated as we have the experience of dealing with nationwide based properties and can manage the process of enfranchisement of your house from our office in London.

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