A Notary Public is required to authenticate (certify) your document(s) if they are being sent outside England and Wales (This includes Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as every other country in the world). The Notary Public will have to sign and place their seal on the document that can then be sent to the receiving country.

Please note that all documents going abroad will be valid only if Notarised by a Notary Public. If they are not Notarised by a Notary Public, they will be rejected by the receiving country. Solicitors can often claim that they can certify such documents, however unless they are a Notary Public, their certification will be invalid and will often not be accepted.

The Documents That Require to Be Notarised Include:

Company Documents

Personal Travel Documents

Divorce Certificates

Land Transaction Documents

Powers of Attorney

Statutory Declarations

to name but a few as the list can seem to be endless.

All Notaries must carry insurance and certification by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury (the Head of the Notary profession) against potential fraud among other issues that non-Notary Public solicitors do not carry.

You will be required to bring the document(s) to our office along with your ID (Passport, Drivers Licence, etc). Our Notary Public, Robert Wood, will Notarise your document(s) ready for you to send to the receiving country. If the receiving country requires legalisation via an apostille by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (the “FCO”), he can arrange this. An apostille is a certificate issued by the FCO certifying the identity of the Notary Public. Please check with the receiving country if this is required.

Please contact us for further details and the fees payable. Usually, an appointment may be of very short notice and may be at weekends in exceptional circumstances.

Get in touch with our in-house Notary Public Mr Robert Wood to book an appointment and discuss your requirements further:

Alternatively, please visit our bookings website to book your appointment directly at a date and time that suits you: Book Now.

Fixed Fees for Notarisation

Personal documents
£50 per document, per person
Company/Commercial documents
£90 per document, per person
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