Our Wills and Estates expertise enables you to enjoy the safe passage of family wealth between generations.

Planning for the future often seems like something that can wait for another day. However, it is better to be prepared and have peace of mind in case an emergency occurs — you want to ensure your wishes have been clearly captured and will be respected once you have gone.

How We Can Help

Our Solicitors are specialists in these complex areas of law. Our legal advice is straightforward and easy to understand and will help you plan for your family’s future. We are also fully accredited and a member of the Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) providing a best practice quality mark for wills and estate administration advice that consumers can trust.

We also help families when a loved one becomes incapacitated or passes away and the probate process needs to begin. Our services include representing parties if any disputes arise such as contested Wills or Estates.

Lasting Powers of Attorney