Planning for the future often seems like something that can wait for another day. However, it is better to be prepared and have peace of mind in case an emergency occurs — you want to know your wishes have been clearly captured and will be respected.

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We have 50+ years of experience with many thousands of satisfied clients. We will use our vast experience to draft comprehensive and professional documents while minimising your current Inheritance Tax liability.

We write Wills according to your wishes, advising you of any possible negative consequences (e.g. claims or challenges) with practical solutions. Home and hospital visits can be arranged for you, friends and/or relatives if required.

We are competitively priced with no hidden extras or expensive add-ons. If you wish, we will store your Will in our secure Wills Vault (additional storage charges apply).

We are able to guide you through the whole process from taking instructions for your Will right through to signing and storing the final document.

Expert Will Writing

At RF&C, our experienced Will writing solicitors are available to help create comprehensive documents that meet your needs and wishes. We also help families when a loved one becomes incapacitated or passes away and the probate process needs to begin. Our services include representing parties if any disputes arise such as contested wills or estates.

Common Reasons to Change or Update Your Will

Relationship changes: have you recently married, divorced, started cohabiting with a partner, entered into a civil partnership or had children or grandchildren? If so, the law states who will (or is likely to) inherit your assets or, for instance, your property on your death. It may not be who would choose. You may also need to appoint a Guardian for any children you now have.

To change an Executor: a named Executor in your Will may have died or moved some distance away and you may need to appoint an alternative. Sometimes, you may decide your original choice is no longer suitable or trustworthy.

Your financial circumstances have changed: you may have inherited or won a large cash sum or been unemployed for some time draining your savings. If your financial situation has drastically changed, review your Will as it may need altering.

Your choice of beneficiaries has changed: you may wish to benefit someone else or remove a family member from your Will because you have lost contact. However, take care to ensure your Will properly provides for anyone who is financially dependent on you to minimise the risk of legal action against your estate following your death.

Concerns about Inheritance Tax (IHT): if you are concerned that your relatives will have to pay IHT out of your estate because it is worth more than the current 'threshold' below which none is payable (The IHT nil rate band is currently £325,000, anything above of which will be taxed at 40% IHT charge), you should see a Wills and Probate specialist solicitor. We will give expert advice on whether your Will can be re-drafted to reduce, or even avoid, paying IHT. The law on Inheritance Tax is frequently amended and if changes occur in the future you may benefit from altering your Will.

You decide to create a trust: further education is becoming increasingly expensive and you might choose to invest money in a trust fund to enable a child or grandchild to attend university. Trust funds are usually simple to set up and administer with the right legal support and can also minimise Inheritance Tax liability.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that states what happens to your property, assets, children and wealth after your death. In addition, it can state details of the person dealing with formalities (your Executor) and preference of ceremony.

Why should I make a Will?

Making a will can be a daunting and unappealing task. However, should you die intestate (without making a will) the consequences can be detrimental to your family and loved ones, especially when we spend our lives working to provide for them.

There are various reasons for writing a will:

  • Presently if you are not married and you die without writing a will there is no automatic right for your partner to inherit anything.
  • You can avoid unnecessary Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax.
  • You can appoint who can care for your children should you and/or your partner die. Care for elderly or facilities can also be set out should you die.
  • If you are separated but still legally married, a Will can prevent your ex-husband or ex-wife from having a claim on your wealth or estate.
  • If you are not married to your partner, they will usually receive nothing from your inheritance, not even a house if you have been sharing.
  • If you have no relatives, your property goes to the Crown.
  • If you have made a Will previous to your marriage, then the Will is automatically revoked.
Why should I use a Will writing service from a solicitor and not from a Will writer or a DIY Will kit?
  • It is vital that a Will is constructed properly with legal expertise, otherwise it may be invalid.
  • If your estate/finances are large and complex and/or there are a number of beneficiaries, it is even more important that a legal professional prepares your Will.
  • Will writing services from Solicitors are regulated by the SRA – Solicitors Regulatory Authority.
  • Will writing services from Solicitors are fully insured with the backing of the Solicitors Compensation Fund, which protects consumers.
When should I update my Will?

Everyone should have a Will and should update its provisions on a regular basis – whatever stage of life you have reached. There are many reasons for having a Will drawn up, most notably to ensure you can control who inherits your estate when you die.

Once you have made a Will, it is easy to forget about it for years. It’s crucial to keep it under regular review to reflect changes in your life.

If you have a Will, take the advice of our expert Wills and Estates solicitors to ensure your Will is up-to-date and provides for all eventualities in the event of your death.

Fixed Fees for Wills

Basic single Will
£300 plus VAT
Basic mirror Wills for couples
£500 plus VAT
Secure Will storage (per Will and includes free lifetime updates to your Will)
£75 plus VAT

Will Questionnaire

If you would like to use our professional Will writing service, please complete and return our Will Questionnaire.

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